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Recruiting: 5-star Caleb Swanigan Will Be Impactful for Purdue

Matt Painter picked up ESPN 100 recruit Caleb Swanigan, a big man who'll be impactful for the Boilermakers in 2015. Let's look at what he can do.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue finished in a tie for third in the Big Ten last season and they have a good core returning from a team that won 21 games and had a 12-6 record in the conference.  Now Matt Painter adds a high level recruit to the mix in big man Caleb Swanigan. He figures to be a perfect complement to A.J. Hammons, especially because he's so skilled offensively.

Swanigan played at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. ESPN rates him as a 5-star recruit and ninth in the ESPN 100. At 6'8", 275 (or 6'9", 250), he's played center in high school, but a move to the four is part of the reason he committed to Purdue, especially considering Hammons (7'0") and Isaac Haas (7'2") will play the five for Purdue. Either way, Swanigan was a highly sought recruit with Kentucky, California and Michigan State all offering scholarships. Swanigan actually verbally committed to Michigan State in April 2015, but decommitted and turned to Purdue. Let's take a look at his game, and how he'll fit with the Boilermakers.

Scouting Report
Swanigan has size, is not a soft player and he should transition well to the next level in that regard. Obviously, it'll be a bit of an adjustment playing against larger/quicker opponents, but his physicality and effort will help him overcome.

His combination of size, athleticism and skill is rare. Swanigan is physical enough to establish his position, but he possesses the skill to finish with touch near the rim with either hand. Long defenders could bother him at the next level, but he uses his body so well and is a creative finisher. Both should help when he faces a longer interior defender. Swanigan can also put the ball on the floor a bit. If he catches in the mid-post, or near the free throw line, he can attack with the dribble. His driving ability is more dangerous because he can pass off the dribble and has above average vision for his size. It's not often a big man has the touch and skill to excel in those areas.

His complete offense game comes into focus with an outside jumper. If defenders sag, he can hit from mid-range with great consistency. He's not too in love with his jumper, though, and it looks like he prefers the low block. His shooting just adds another dimension to an already complete offensive game.

Areas for Improvement
ESPN calls out his conditioning as an area of focus at the next level. I'm not sure about his conditioning, but if Swanigan can improve his quickness, even slightly, he'll be more dynamic offensively. Continuing to expand his array of post moves is also important.  It'll make him more versatile and much more difficult to defend.  His feet, skill and athleticism won't limit the post player he can become, if he puts in the work.

He's a hard worker, so defensively he should be fine.  But, what kind of defender will he be? Swanigan's probably not in the mold of a traditional rim protector, but he'll be able to leverage his size on defense. He and Hammons appear to be a perfect pairing, when/if Purdue plays big. Hammons can protect the rim and Swanigan can use his physicality to defend the paint in a different way.

Caleb Swanigan looks like the perfect Purdue basketball player. Physical, yet skilled, he'll slide in right away and contribute on what could be a very good Boilermaker team next season. It's worth mentioning again that A.J. Hammons (7'0") and Isaac Haas (7'2"), along with Swanigan, comprise an imposing frontline. More than likely, they're going to be bigger than any team in the country and can leverage their size by playing two of the three together.

Purdue finished the regular season 9-3, and made the NCAA tournament. Painter always puts a competitive team on the floor and his teams improve as the year progresses. Purdue certainly has a nice mix of veterans and talented young players heading into 2015.