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32 Days to B1G Basketball: Nebraska Coach Tim Miles Gets His Own Custom Shoes

My Adidas.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

In an interesting story, Nebraska head coach Tim Miles received his own custom shoes from Adidas. The shoes aren't the first product sent Miles way from Adidas, either, as the company also sent him a pair of Stan Smiths with the coaches face on the shoe:

This time Miles will be receiving his own custom pair of Adidas shoes, with the coaches name on the left side and the Nebraska logo on the right side. The shoes will also have a red/black camouflage on a white base. While Adidas doesn't always get designs right, the shows actually look pretty nice in all honesty:

So what do you guys think? Even if you're not a fan of the shoes themselves, it is pretty cool that Adidas is designing custom shoes for head coaches nowadays. It'll be interesting to see if Miles decides to rock the new sneakers at some point this season, especially since they're school colors and everything. Maybe he can wear them with his argyle sweater at some point?