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Brandon Taylor Struggling for the Nittany Lions

Brandon Taylor was supposed to be the #2 guy for the Nittany Lions. What is going on with him?

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Coming into this season, Brandon Taylor was expected to be the number two scorer, and he has been, averaging 10 points a game. He is just ahead of freshman Shep Garner in scoring. But the way he has done it has been one of the greatest points of frustration this season for Penn State fans. If things don't change quickly, coach Patrick Chambers may find no choice but to bench him.

Offensive Struggles

Many people believe that Taylor shoots way too many threes. 55% of his shots are three pointers, which is just a slightly higher percentage than last season. But he is connecting on only 29% of his threes. He started the season slow from beyond the arc, but it looked like he had turned a corner against George Washington and Drexel, when he shot 7 of 15 from deep. But he quickly went cold, shooting 3 of 17 (17.6%) in the last 3 games. His shooting percentages are down from last year, yet he continues to shoot an incredible amount of threes even when he is struggling in that game. against Rutgers, he shot 9 threes and only connected on 2. When he is cold he needs to get his points by other means, but he isn't doing that. He also hasn't been able to draw fouls and get to the line. He has only shot 19 free throws in 15 games. This can be directly attributed to a lack of aggressiveness on offense. Taylor is settling for jump shots way too often, and his offensive efficiency reflects that.

Defensive Struggles

The biggest gripe for most Penn State fans has been Brandon Taylor's lack of hustle defensively. He wasn't exposed that much defensively in the non conference, mostly because he was playing less talented opponents, but in the first two conference games it wasn't an uncommon occurrence for players to easily blow by Taylor and get an easy bucket at the rim. He just simply hasn't been able to keep his man in front of him and teams are taking advantage of him.

Going Forward

Fans can live with Taylor taking good shots but just not being able to knock them down. Rebounding has been a strength this season for Brandon, averaging 6.3 a game. What fans won't settle for is the terrible defense that Brandon has played so far this year. Fans will be calling for Freshman Payton Banks to get more playing time if Brandon Taylor cant fix his game soon.