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Michigan State Spartans at Rutgers Scarlet Knights Postponed

Big news out of New Jersey.

John Munson/NJ Advance Media for TODAY Sports

News out of New Jersey today that the game scheduled for Tuesday night between Michigan State and Rutgers will be postponed due to the winter weather hitting the area in the coming days.  The northeast is set to be impacted by one of the larger storms in recent memory and many in the area are preparing for the horrid conditions.

The news broke this afternoon:

There has been no word out on when the game may be rescheduled, but it could be challenging given the current projected schedules ahead.  Neither team does play before this weekend, so a scheduled date in the coming days may be the most appropriate for both teams depending on the weather conditions.

Last season, the Big Ten was forced to postpone a game between Indiana and Iowa after a beam fell in Assembly Hall, so the conference does have some recent experience in rescheduling games.

If the game cannot be rescheduled in the coming days, Rutgers will face Indiana at home on Saturday and Michigan State will face Michigan at home on Sunday as the team's respective next games.


According to Jeff Goodman, the game has been rescheduled for Thursday:

That's obviously good news for both teams as they wanted to avoid making up the game later in the season when they would have to face a quicker turnaround.