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Iowa's Adam Woodbury Apologizes For "Eye Incident" With Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky

The Iowa big man responded to last night's incident to the media.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The major story from last night's Iowa and Wisconsin game was on the court and revolved around Wisconsin's dominating performance at home over the Hawkeyes, but one storyline that does seem to have grabbed some traction was an on-court incident between Iowa's Adam Woodbury and Wisconsin's Frank Kaminsky.

The incident largely revolved around what some are calling an eye poke from Woodbury to Kaminsky.  The specifics are certainly hard to iron out, but you can watch the video of the incident below:

Following the incident, there were some comments from both teams that got a little bit of heat.  During the broadcast, ESPN announcer Dan Dakich had some hot statements about Woodbury's conduct and even called it "cowardly" and gutless.  Following that, Frank Kaminsky said the following about the incident according to The Gazette:

"I'm blind," Kaminsky joked. "It happens during the game. I've had much worse happen. I'm not thinking anything about it."

After that, Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery responded:

And today, Adam Woodbury made his own statement and apologized:

Overall, it appears like it may have been a bit of misunderstanding on both sides, but it will be interesting to see whether this adds any further intensity when Wisconsin travels to face Iowa on January 31st.

[Note: The Gazette's quotes were added for Frank Kaminsky to replace a previously cited tweet once it was realized that the tweet may be misleading about Kaminsky's comments.]