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68 Days to B1G Basketball: Will I Have To Eat A Shoe?

Today we start our daily countdown towards the tipoff of the Big Ten basketball season.


Rough day last night? Chances are it probably was if you root for a Big Ten football team, with the conference losing numerous marquee matchups yesterday, including Michigan being shut out in prime time by rival Notre Dame. Of course it wasn't much better for us Purdue fans and even fans of teams like Iowa, Illinois and Maryland saw their teams look extremely bad as they pulled out narrow wins versus the likes of Ball State, Western Kentucky and South Florida.

But if you think the sky is falling and the season is over two weeks in, well I have some good news for you.

It's only 68 days until the first day of Big Ten Basketball! The basketball conference can take flight in a sport where it is respected by fans and the media instead of the punching bag the football side of things has become.

With that being said, we're starting our 68 day countdown series, which is going to be a daily post touching on something random related to the Big Ten in some shape or form. Today's topic? Well if you follow Thomas on Twitter then you've probably noticed he's been posting the preseason conference predictions as they surface for the preseason publications. A few days ago that meant he posted a rather suspect prediction by Lindy's:

Yeah, not so sure about that. The normal person would probably take offense to Nebraska at third and Minnesota at fourth, especially with the Spartans all the way down at...ninth...what!?! Well if you know me then you'd know my eyes immediately gravitated to the bottom of the conference where I was surprised to see Purdue pinned in at 13th. As a Boilermakers fan I've realized there are times where my fandom treads the line between acceptable optimism and simply being biased, but for as many questions Purdue still has entering this year, I just can't see them finishing behind both Penn State and Northwestern. And I mentioned this.

Well it looks like Lindys decided to have a little bit of fun with me over said tweet:

The good news? I have a few pairs of old Chucks in the basement. But in a perfect world I won't have to consume dirty sneakers this March. Well unless Purdue collapses down the stretch again this year, which hopefully won't happen for the sake of my stomach.