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48 Days to B1G Basketball: It's Football Day

Today we continue our daily countdown towards the tipoff of the Big Ten basketball season.


Another Saturday closer to the basketball season, but until we get there I realize most (if not all) of you are going to be preoccupied throughout the day with college football so instead of a basketball related post I'm providing a nifty little chart to today's games and links to the game previews on all respective Big Ten SB Nation websites.

Time Game Network Line Preview
12:00 Iowa at Purdue BTN Iowa -9 BHGPH&R
12:00 South Florida at Wisconsin ESPNU Wiscy -35 B5Q
12:00 Tulane at Rutgers ESPNews Rutgers -13 OTB
12:00 Wyoming at Michigan State ESPN2 MSU - 29 TOC
12:00 Northwestern at Penn State BTN PSU -11 Inside NUBSD
1:30 Maryland at Indiana BTN IND -4 TT TCQ
3:30 Minnesota at Michigan ABC/ESPN2 Mich -13 DG M&B
6:00 Cincinnati at Ohio State BTN OSU -18 LGHL
9:00 Illinois at Nebraska BTN Neb -22 TCR CN

And hey, why not. Here's my predictions for the games:

Game Prediction
Iowa at Purdue Purdue 20 Iowa 17
South Florida at Wisconsin Wisconsin 45 South Florida 13
Tulane at Rutgers Rutgers 34 Tulane 17
Wyoming at Michigan State Michigan State 52 Wyoming 17
Northwestern at Penn State Penn State 27 Northwestern 10
Maryland at Indiana Maryland 27 Indiana 17
Minnesota at Michigan Michigan 27 Minnesota 16
Cincinnati at Ohio State Ohio State 31 Cincinnati 17
Illinois at Nebraska Nebraska 44 Illinois 24

Enjoy the football. It's finally fall (officially), basketball is nearing and conference play is more or less fully under way this week. Good times indeed.

And of course, if you want some in-depth Big Ten conversation around the network, be sure to join the daily game threads over at Off Tackle Empire or any of the respective B1G SB Nation sites.