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49 Days to B1G Basketball: All B1G Name Edition

Today we continue our daily countdown towards the tipoff of the Big Ten basketball season.

Jamie Squire

Today's edition of our countdown to the college basketball season takes a look at some of the more intriguing names from players in the conference. Unfortunately it appears basketball is lacking behind college football, which has became a gold mine with kickers named Blewitt and defensive players with names like Lion King and Yourhighness Morgan. Hell, someone even has the first name Hi-C.

But alas, here we go with some of the more interesting names in the conference (and I know I'll probably miss some so point out your favorite names in the comments if you'd like):

Duje Dukan (Forward) - Wisconsin

Unfortunately Duje's last name isn't pronounced 'dunkin' but it's still a fun enough name to say: DOO-yay DOOK-in.

Lourawls "Tum Tum" Nairn Jr. (Guard) - Michigan State

Lourawls is a great enough name as is, but that nickname? Instant flashback to watching the 3 Ninjas movies growing up.

Spike Albrecht (Guard) - Michigan

No, not Justin Beiber. Pretty sure I can't see the name Spike without remembering the Land Before Time Movies though. I also feel like Spike was the generic 'bully' name in every 90s kids movie ever.

Basil Smotherman (Forward) - Purdue

Hopefully he wasn't named after the herb, but regardless of the fact that his first name is Basil, that last name is great. Especially if Smotherman can up his defensive game this season for the Boilermakers.

Anfernee Brown (Guard) - Purdue

Duncan Robinson (Guard/Forward) - Michigan

It's a basic enough name, but Duncan is such a great basketball name.

Best of the Rest:

Bryant McIntosh (Guard) - Northwestern
Mike LaTulip (Guard) - Illinois
Nnanna Egwu (Forward/Center) - Illinois
Moses Abraham (Center) - Nebraska
Peter Jok (Guard) - Iowa
Gabriel Olaseni (Center) - Iowa
Okey Ukah (Forward) - Iowa
Josh Gasser (Guard) - Wisconsin
Bakary Konate (Center) - Minnesota
Charles Buggs (Forward) - Minnesota
Yogi Ferrell (Guard) - Indiana
Mark Loving (Forward) - Ohio State
Melo Trimble (Guard) - Maryland
Jacob Susskind (Guard) - Maryland
Ibrahima Diallo (Center) - Rutgers

And the award for most basic name in the Big Ten:

John Johnson (Guard) - Penn State