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Site Announcement - Bookmark BTP On Your Browser

Here are some general tips on getting the most out of BTP.

Mitchell Layton

We here are BTPowerhouse appreciate all of our readers.  Whether you're a casual or frequent reader, you keep the site going.  Having said that, it's important to update our readers and make sure everybody is getting the most out of the site.  For instance, you may be missing out on content about your favorite team, player, or event.  There are a few great ways to get information from BTP, but one of the best is to bookmark BTP on your browser.

You're on the Internet all the time, we get it.  You already have a massive number of sites you like to check out every single day.  Well, this post is about encouraging you to add BTP to that list.  To make it easier, let me give you a few reasons to bookmark BTP to your page.

First, BTP provides coverage on every Big Ten team on a daily basis.  There are plenty of sites out there that cover specific teams, but very few can cover every team in the conference.  Sure, you have your favorite team, but what are your rivals doing and what about the newcomers to the Big Ten?  Don't miss out on something big happening with the other teams around the conference.

Along with this, we routinely pin articles from every Big Ten site on SBNation to our main page.  If Testudo Times (Maryland) has a nice breakdown, you are going to see it here.  If The Only Colors (Michigan State) has an inside scoop on a new recruit, you are going to see it here.  By making BTP a bookmarked page on your browser, you are effectively searching every Big Ten site on SBNation for basketball content.  If anything, we're making things easier on you because you are only going to need to bookmark one site instead of 14.

So, make sure to bookmark us on your browser.  And as always, we thank everyone for checking out the site.