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Introducing Kevin Piotrowski - BTP's Newest Contributor

BTP has added a new contributor. Read about him here.

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Big Ten Powerhouse is pleased to announce the addition of a brand new staff member. In the site's desire to expand coverage, we have added Kevin Piotrowski to the staff.  Kevin has deep roots to the Big Ten and Michigan State and should be a great addition to the staff.  Here is what Kevin had to say about himself:

About myself:  I'm a senior at Michigan State, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering.  Outside of class, I spend some time competing with MSU Mock Trial and attending basketball, football, and hockey games.  I've spent this past summer in Badger Country, working in the Madison area.

I've been a college sports junkie for all my life.  My first "sports writing" experience came in middle school, when I had a Xanga page where I pretended to know a lot more about sports than I actually did (it had almost 4 readers!)  The site no longer exists (thankfully), but my love of the game has grown.

At BT Powerhouse I'll be covering recruiting for Penn State, Rutgers, and Maryland.  I can't wait to get started.

You can follow Kevin on Twitter here: @kevpiotrow