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Indiana Prospect Eron Gordon Ruled Ineligible For Junior Season

The four star point guard was ruled ineligible for his junior season of high school after attempting to transfer to Indianapolis Cathedral.


Well this isn't good news for junior Eron Gordon. Eron, the younger brother of NBA player Eric Gordon (as well as Evan Gordon), was ruled ineligible for the upcoming basketball season thanks to the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA):

The ruling could throw a potential wrench in Gordon's upcoming plans for the season but the end result is we'll likely see Gordon take the prep school route. While the IHSAA may have a point that Gordon's reasons for transferring to Indianapolis Cathedral are based entirely on athletics, it's not the first (or the last) time we'll see someone transfer for the same reason and plenty of players remain eligible.

Either way it does mean Gordon will have to decide shortly where he's going to end up playing this season now. The junior has earned quite a bit of interest from a variety of teams, picking up offers from both Indiana and Purdue. Besides the two major in-state programs Gordon also has offers from Nebraska and Arizona State, as well as interest from Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan, unofficially visiting the Wolverines at the end of June.

Gordon is a consensus four star prospect, the #1 Indiana prospect (per 247) and the #10 point guard in the class of 2016. One has to think that Indiana should be the front runner here as both of Eron's older brothers played at Indiana, but with a who's who of marquee teams calling it could lead him out of state (especially with both Indiana teams being in a bit of a turmoil). Either way the highly touted prospect won't be playing high school this season at Indianapolis Cathedral thanks to the IHSAA.