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Indiana Class of 2017 Guard Interested In....Kentucky?

Southport High School guard Paul Scruggs said this week that Kentucky is his #1 option right now.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

There is not much to be gained by from a sanity perspective by either Indiana or Purdue fans in following the recruitment of soon to be sophomores, but there was an interesting twist in the recruitment of local star Paul Scruggs this week. When asked specifically whether Indiana was the lead school in his current recruitment (given that Coach Crean offered a year ago before Scruggs even played a high school game), he actually said "no". One would then infer that Scruggs must be favoring Purdue at this point since the Boilers have the only other offer outstanding which occurred about a month ago. There has been other interest without an offer from Michigan and Xavier as well.

What came out of his mouth next though was none of those schools. He said his number one school was......Kentucky.


The question now is - will Kentucky have mutual interest in him? And I think that will take some time to develop as Kentucky typically is not in a situation where they have to make early offers. They can wait until a year or a year and a half out and usually jump right in and snag who they want. This certainly wouldn't be the first time a local Hoosier basketball star has turned his back on the local universities, but it stills leaves Hoosier and Boiler fans wondering what they have to do in order to mostly lock down the borders.

To be fair - we are talking about a soon to be sophomore in high school and his plans may change a hundred times over the next three years. A lot will obviously depend on the situation at each school three years from now as well as how Scruggs game develops as it will certainly need to develop leaps and bounds to garner a Wildcat offer. But it is interesting none-the-less to see the awe that young basketball players are currently looking at Coach Cal with and it isn't exactly good news for Boiler or Hoosier fans.