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2014 NBA Summer League: Which Big Ten School Has The Most Players In The Summer League?

How are the Big Ten programs stacking up in summer play?

Two of Michigan's top young pro prospects.
Two of Michigan's top young pro prospects.
Kevin C. Cox

Over the last week or so, BTPowerhouse has been rampant in its coverage of the NBA Summer League.  Though this is not an NBA related site, the Summer League is incredibly important in determining which prospects ultimately make NBA rosters.  The NBA Draft may get all the credit, but the Summer League is easily #2 in terms of the most important pro-related event of the offseason, at least to the college teams.  If you have more players in the Summer League and doing well, it means you're probably going to have more in the NBA, at least in theory.

Considering this, it seems like a good time to check to see which programs are doing the best at getting guys into the Summer League.  If the general theory about getting guys into the Summer League is true, this should be a pretty good indicator about which programs are producing pro talent right now.

Of course, there are a few caveats to this general rule.  For one thing, the best pro players usually get out of the Summer League in relatively quick fashion.  You aren't going to see your LeBron and Durant type of players hanging around in summer for very long.  Along with this, it's almost always young players in the Summer League.  If you just happened to pump out a bunch of pro talent a few years back (Ohio State), you aren't going to see a good portion of it here.  Essentially, it's a pretty limited sample size.

Despite these flaws, it's still interesting to note how the schools are doing and where things stand.  This doesn't account for who is doing well in Summer League play either, but we can at least see who has the most bodies competing right now.  Anyway, I won't go on any longer.  Here's the list.

2014 NBA Summer League Players By B1G School

  • Illinois - 3
  • Indiana - 5
  • Iowa - 1
  • Maryland - 1
  • Michigan - 7
  • Michigan State - 5
  • Minnesota - 1
  • Nebraska - 0
  • Northwestern - 2
  • Ohio State - 4
  • Penn State - 1
  • Purdue - 2
  • Rutgers - 0
  • Wisconsin - 2
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