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Eron Harris Transfers to Michigan State

The Indiana native lit up the scoreboard at West Virginia thanks to his sweet stroke and his ability to get off his shot. Now that he's on his way back to the Big Ten, how will he fit in with the Spartans?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

At 17ppg and with over 40% from three, Eron had plenty of suitors when he announced he'd be leaving the West Virginia Mountaineers earlier this summer. In the Big Ten alone, Purdue, Michigan State, and Michigan were all contenders for Harris' services right away.

Early scuttlebutt pointed to West Lafayette, but as Eron wound through his visits those conversations began to shift. When he announced that he'd be making the call this morning, virtually all prognosticators pegged him for a Spartan. Now, it's official. Harris will officially join Michigan State's 2014 class and will practice with this year's team, but will not be eligible to play until the 2015-16 season. He will join forward Deyonta Davis and fellow shooting guard Kyle Aherns as newcomers to the Spartans.

Eron's sweet stroke should ensure that he gets plenty of playing time once he is eligible, whether that be as a top gun from the bench or a floor-spacing guard in the starting lineup. Shooters only help offenses operate more efficiently, so he should be able to get into the mix no matter what offensive configuration Izzo finds himself having the most success by the time 2015-16 comes around. Harris is a huge pickup for Michigan State that will allow Izzo much more flexibility and several more options in designing his offense.