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Big Ten Experience To Open In Rosemont, Illinois

The Big Ten's new museum attraction is set to open in Illinois.

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As the Big Ten continues to grow and change, some things are perceived as positive and some as negative.  Adding Nebraska was seen as an exciting move, but moving the Big Ten Tournament to Washington, D.C. was not seen quite as well.  With each year, the Big Ten continues to change and adapt.

One of the exciting changes is the addition of the Big Ten Experience.  The Big Ten has allowed select viewers inside, but on June 7th, the exhibit will be open for everyone to see.  The Big Ten released a statement announcing the museum's appearance.  It includes details on the location, cost, and hours of operation.

Big Ten Media Release:

ROSEMONT, Ill. - The Big Ten Experience, an interactive digital museum located at the conference's headquarters in Rosemont, Ill., will open to the public on Saturday, June 7.  The new museum brings the conference's storied academic and athletic history to life and places it at fans' fingertips.

Located at the conference's headquarters at 5440 Park Place in Rosemont, the museum will be open 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT on weekdays and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Admission to the Big Ten Experience is free‎.

The Big Ten Experience features a collection of 13 interactive exhibits showcasing conference notables dating back to 1896, the year the conference was founded. Highlights include the Big Ten Theater which gives patrons a behind-the-scenes, immersive audio and video experience looking at student-athletes and traditions, along with radio and television features of notable accomplishments on and off the field of play.

In addition, touch-screen monitors allow fans to learn more about individuals making a difference in the world beyond the playing fields. Fans of all Big Ten schools will be able to learn about their favorites from each campus, including bios, prominent speeches and correspondence from notable alumni. The digital format of the Big Ten Experience allows for new content to be added on a regular basis.

A full list of Big Ten Experience displays can be found below:

This is B1G

Game On (Interactive Game)

University Cubes

Honoring Legends. Building Leaders.

Big Ten Connect

Basketball Court with Interactive Radio Calls

Football/Basketball Touch Screen

Heisman Trophy Photo Op

Big Ten Vault

Big Ten Slideshow

Big Ten Impact

Current Big Ten Champions

Big Ten Theater