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One shining moment: GR3's aggression pays off

Glenn Robinson III disappeared from time to time in John Beilein's system. There was a GR3 sighting in West Lafayette, and it secures the spot as his best moment as a Wolverine.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Glenn Robinson has consistently been criticized for his inconsistencies. He's streaky shooting and lack of aggression at times on the floor has left NBA scouts salivating at the thought of what could be with the right mindset. With the 2014 edition of the NBA Draft prepped to tipoff Thursday, prospect's highlight videos will be shown aplenty. If you had to pick GR3's best moment, though, what would it be?

There was his performance against then number one Arizona in Ann Arbor which netted the sophomore 20 points on 88% shooting -- yes, eighty-eight percent. Robinson tied a career high with 23 points against the Nebraska Corn Huskers with a 57% shooting clip in February. Also, there was this forgotten gem in a rout of Minnesota.

While those are impressive, when Robinson puts his mind to it, he showed he could dominate a college game. While these moments have been few and far between, Michigan Wolverine fans, and basketball fans for that matter, have Robinsons performance against an upset minded Purdue team engrained in their minds.

Robinson shot a very respectable 63% in the contest, on 7-11 shooting, he gobbled up 8 rebounds, and had the right mindset, attacking the basket the entire game. He only attempted one shot from distance, which once again speaks to his aggression in West Lafayette.

While his stats for the game don't look two eye opening, as it wasn't a career high in any department, you could tell watching the game that Robinson was in the zone.

When Nik Stauskas missed a three at the end of regulation, which would've completed the Wolverine's comeback, as they trailed by as many as 19 in the first half, momentum had shifted.

With 12 seconds left, Purdue's Kendall Stephens missed a free throw that would've put the Boilermakers up 2. Instead, Jordan Morgan grabbed the ball off the glass, and John Beilein drew up a play on the sideline.

Coming out of the timeout, 2.9 seconds on the clock, Nik Stauskas comes off of a screen from Jordan Morgan at the top of they key, great ball denial defense causes the inbounder Caris LeVert to look elsewhere. Maybe the Canadian was a decoy, we'll never know.

Just outside the restricted area, Spike Albrecht sets a similar screen, and Robinson comes down the baseline and airs to grab a lob pass from LeVert. Robinson then goes to work.

These 2.9 seconds are Robinson's best moment as a Wolverine.