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2014 NBA Draft: So Your Team Just Drafted Michigan's Glenn Robinson III

So your team just drafted Glenn Robinson III... What can you expect out of the former

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Glenn Robinson III has been the most polarizing figure on Michigan's roster since his freshman year. He started every game he played for the Wolverines, and played a huge role in bringing the Wolverines back to the national stage.

Some moments, Robinson would look like a sure-fire lottery pick. Other moments, often in the very same game, it was easy to forget Robinson was even on the floor.

At his best, Robinson was a force slashing to the rim and finishing through contact. He was good defensively, and in his best in transition where he was able to use his 6'6 frame and 42' vertical leap to impress everyone watching.  Robinson had several simply breathtaking moments, most of them after catching an alley oop pass or dunking all over some poor soul in the lane.


And as soon as Michigan fans caught their breath, the next words would be "Where the hell has that been all game!"

That's the reason Robinson was such an enigma. His tendency to disappear, especially in big games, was the biggest knock against his play in college.

However, his game is better suited for an up and down, fast paced NBA game. He's got the perfect NBA frame for a shooting guard/small forward, and accounts from the scouting combine report that GR3 was one of the best shooters in his position group. An outside shot, coupled with his freakish athletic ability could make GR3 a valuable piece on a team that doesn't need him to produce big numbers in his rookie year.

Most mock drafts have Robinson going to a team between 20 and 30, and Robinson should be able to contribute immediately to a playoff roster. If GR3 can develop a more consistent attacking mentality, as well as an outside shot- in the right system, he can become a star.