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2014 NBA Draft: So Your Team Just Drafted Michigan's Mitch McGary

So your team just drafted Mitch McGary... What can you expect out of the former Michigan Wolverine?


Congratulations! Your favorite team just drafted former Michigan big man Mitch McGary!

Now, what exactly does that mean?

By some accounts, McGary was debating returning to school after a back injury forced him to miss most of his sophomore season. However, failing a drug test that would have forced him to sit for a year of competition, he decided to forgo his eligibility.

McGary is the definition of a high risk-high reward prospect, which is why he is projected to be drafted in the 2nd round.

He's a player with an unstoppable motor, the type of guy you hated playing against in high school. He doesn't really have any post moves or a jump shot you have to respect either, but he'll be involved in every play for loose balls and rebounds. He has good court vision He runs the floor like a wing player, and scores the majority of his points by catching passes off penetrating guards and put backs.

He's an above average defender, but his strengths can sometimes fail him. His aggressiveness causes him to get in foul trouble. At times during his freshman year, his stamina was an issue, having to sit because he was just physically exhausted. He has a tendency to play too fast, grabbing a rebound and turning it over trying to push the break himself. But the biggest question is the back injury that sidelined McGary for most of his sophomore season.

If McGary can recover from injury, he can contribute immediately especially if drafted by a good team. His hustle and energy will be great off the bench while developing more polished offensive skills. If not, he'll join a large group of big men with history of injuries that never pan out.