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Recruiting: Rutgers adds Class of 2014 Big Shaquille Doorson

Netherlands Big Man Shaquille Doorson is taking his massive body and raw potential to Piscataway this Fall.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

While the de-commitment of Leroy Butts earlier this week was a bit deflating, coach Eddie Jordan did not allow himself to wallow for long, if at all. I guess the "Fast" nickname still rings true.

Shaquille Doorson, a former Pittsburgh recruit who decided to reopen his recruiting on June 15, has decided to take his 6'11", 270 lb. body to Piscataway next Fall.

Opinions on Doorson are mixed, which is typical for a big man prospect from Europe who most scouts have only seen sparingly. ESPN has him ranked as a 4-star, while sees him as a very raw 2-star. 247Sports composite rankings put him as a 3-star, which seems fair considering his international background.

Doorson hails from Holland, but spent his time playing at the Canarias Basketball Academy in Spain this past year, one of the top basketball academies in Europe. He'll come in a bit older than most freshman players, as he was born in 1994. That should certainly help his maturity level, both physically and mentally, which will be a key component in adapting to the American game.

Involved in basketball for only three years, Doorson is a relative newcomer to the game, and still has much to learn. However, his coaches and scouts describe his body as "physically matured, chiseled and powerful" time and time again. He can move around very well for a big his size, although his hands remain a work in progress (and may never be great) and his back to the basket game leaves much to be desired.

He's going to be a project for Jordan and his staff, but the chance to mold a physical behemoth like Doorson into a star should be viewed as an enviable undertaking by other coaching staffs. The Rutgers frontcourt is pretty well stocked right now, meaning Doorson doesn't necessarily need to jump right into playing 25 minutes a game. Should he have a good training camp he can be a key asset off the bench for defensive and rebounding purposes. Down the line, with his size and growing knowledge of the game, Doorson could be a hell of a catch for Jordan and the Scarlet Knights.