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NBA Draft Power Rankings: Big Ten Players Edition

We've got your unassailable power rankings of B1G NBA Draft prospects right here. Seriously, try to assail this list.

Dunks are cool.
Dunks are cool.
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The NBA Draft is mere hours away and since LeBron James opted out of his contract with Miami, he can re-enter the Draft. [checks draft rules] Well, that doesn't appear to be correct, but either way, the Draft is exciting! There are myriad enticing prospects for the dregs of the NBA ('sup Sixers and Cavs) to choose and many of them come from the best damn conference in the world. We are going to rank the B1G prospects from "should return to Rutgers" (that's bad) to "gets to play in Milwaukee" (which is somehow good). We won't take into account which team might draft the player, this is purely on talent alone.

Others receiving votes

These guys are all Draft eligible but probably will not hear their names called by Donald Sterling Destroyer, Adam Silver.

Ben Brust, G, Wisconsin: Ended a wonderful career with a trip to the Final Four. Won't get drafted.

Jordan Morgan, F/C, Michigan: Super-nerd (has two degrees from Michigan) probably won't get picked, but has worked out for a few teams. He's also already been inducted to a hall of fame, so the NBA is kind of old news.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Been a long day starting with a last minute workout with <a href="">@cavs</a> and ending with this great honor <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Jordan Morgan (@JustJMo) <a href="">June 10, 2014</a></blockquote>

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Drew Crawford, G, Northwestern: As an older NBA prospect, Crawford may find it difficult to latch onto a team, but should find work in Europe.

Tim Frazier, G, Penn State: The all-time leader in assists for the Nittany Lions will probably not be drafted, but like many here, should be able to ply his trade overseas.

Will Sheehey, F, Indiana: Despite winning Most Punchable Face in the B1G four years running, Sheehey will most likely have to continue his playing career in Europe.

Zach McCabe, F, Iowa: Nope.

Ok, that's enough of the mostly undraftable, let's get down to business.

Here are the top-10 B1G NBA Draft prospects.

10) Aaron Craft, G, Ohio State: For a guy who might not even get drafted, a lot of ink has been spilled discussing his prospects. You know what he does well and so do NBA teams. We'll see if that's enough. He'll probably win three titles with the Spurs because life is cruel and God hates you.

9) Keith Appling, G, Michigan State: Linked to Craft in many "who would you rather have point guard your team" over the last few years, Appling is in a similar boat to his old nemesis. He's had a great college career, but is it enough to get drafted?

8) LaQuinton Ross, G, Ohio State: Just outside the DraftExpress top-60 at #62, Ross is right on the edge of being drafted. Where could he land? The Wizards might be an option.

7) Roy Devyn Marble, G, Iowa: The Hawkeyes have not been known as a pipeline of talent for the NBA, but Devyn Marble is looking to change all of that. He's been invited to a number of workouts but needs to define what his elite skill is. Here are some landing spots that would be good for him.

6) Mitch McGary, F, Michigan: Starting with McGary, these are players that will definitely be drafted and for most it should be in the first round. McGary is probably hoping to get drafted by Denver (*high fives everyone*) but health concerns could drop him out of the first round. Let's hope teams remember his freshman campaign and don't hold his injury and weed filled sophomore year against him.

5) Glenn Robinson III, F, Michigan: GR3 had consistency issues for the Wolverienes, but is still projected as a late first rounder. If he lands on a run and gun team, he would be a perfect fit, what with the athleticism and all.

4) Adreian Payne, F, Michigan State: This is the first post that I've spelled Payne's name correctly without having to Google it, so now is as good a time as any for him to move on to the NBA. After returning to MSU for his senior season, Payne vastly improved his draft stock and he could go as high as the lottery.

3) Gary Harris, G, Michigan State: Now that he's done terrorizing other B1G teams, Harris has his sights set on the NBA. The Nuggests seem primed to pick a shooting guard this year, and there are few better than Harris.

2) Nik Stauskas, G, Michigan: Following in the footsteps of Drake and Celine Dion, two fellow Canadian basketball powerhouses, this sharpshooting sophomore could go as high as tenth in this year's draft. Stauskas has worked out for a number of teams and should be hearing his name called early on Thursday night.

1) Noah Vonleh, F, Indiana: If Purdue fans had their way, Vonleh would be playing in Croatia next year, but Purdue fans are noted idiots. The freakiskly athletic Vonleh should be drafted in the top-10 and has worked out for just about every team picking in the lottery. With Joel Embiid getting hurt, Vonleh may lay claim to the title of "best big man" in the Draft.

There you have it folks. Tell me why I'm wrong (except about Purdue fans) down in the comments.