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2014 NBA Draft: Adreian Payne's stock gains steam as pre-draft workouts conclude

Former Spartan Adreian Payne has worked out for several teams with picks in the middle of the first round, prompting many to believe his stock is higher than what was originally thought.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

There's no question the 2014 NBA Draft Class will be defined by the ultimate success of some of its top-tier names. But quietly floating under the radar and the Embiid-Wiggins-Parker-madness is former Spartan Adreian Payne, who has worked out for several teams near the middle of the first round.

Payne has reportedly done training sessions with Toronto (who picks at No. 20), Phoenix (No. 14, 18 and 27), and Minnesota (No. 13), among others as well.

ESPN the Magazine's panel of experts pegged Payne as the thirteenth-selection (Minnesota) in the outlet's latest issue, which means his stock is peaking at the correct time.

Even at 6-10, Payne hit an impressive 42 percent of his 3-pointers in his final collegiate season, which has definitely firmed up his once questionable stock.

Adreian Payne has a terrific chance to become one of the better players in this class. And if teams out of the lottery are keen on adding him to their roster, they may be forced to make a move up in the order to ensure he's available when they are selecting.