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2014 NBA Draft: Roy Devyn Marble's Top 5 Landing Spots

Roy Devyn Marble may be the last B1G prospect to come off the board during the NBA Draft Thursday. What are the top five landing spots for the Iowa star?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The second round of the NBA Draft is becoming populated with college veterans and international stars. Roy Devyn Marble will be one of those college seniors hoping to get their name called Thursday night, and there are several spots in the second round where he could get the call. Here are the top five landing spots for Marble:

1. Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers own picks 52 and 54 in the draft and should be looking to add some skilled guards. DraftExpress's mock draft has the 76ers taking shooting guards Nick Johnson and Markel Brown after Marble comes off the board at 51 to the Mavs. If Marble is available, there is a good chance the Sixers take a chance on Iowa's leading scorer this season.

2. Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks will likely losing one of the most athletic shooting guards of all-time in Vince Carter this offseason. Obviously, Carter doesn't have the bounce that he used to, so Marble may be an attractive addition to the Maverick backcourt. Pick 51 could be where Marble comes off the board Thursday.

3. San Antonio Spurs

Marble probably doesn't want to wait until picks 58 or 60 to get drafted, but it's a very likely scenario for the 6'6" shooting guard. The aging Spurs could use a young, athletic guard, and they have two picks near the end of the second round. Patty Mills is a free agent and may not be back next year, so Marble could help out in the backcourt. If Marble slips to the end of the draft, expect the Spurs to use one of their picks on him.

4. Miami Heat

Assuming the big three return to south beach next year, Miami will not have a lot of salary cap room to work with. Second round selections are not guaranteed contracts, so Pat Riley will hope to grab some affordable, NBA-ready talent at pick 55. At 21 years of age and four years of college experience under his belt, Marble is about ready for the pros as any prospect.

5. Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix starting backcourt is pretty strong, but it's a bit lacking in depth. Marble has a good jump shot, great size and is a solid passer. He would fit right into Phoenix's offense. At pick 50, this is probably the highest spot where Marble might be picked. There's a chance that a team calls his name in the mid-second round, but it's rather unlikely. Don't expect to see Marble off the board before Phoenix selects at 50.

Of course, all NBA prospects want to get drafted, but it's not always the best scenario. There's a chance Marble goes undrafted, which may be to his benefit. He can choose what teams he wants to workout for and who to eventually sign with. Second round picks are not guaranteed contracts anyway. While getting drafted is really cool, going undrafted is probably better for Marble than getting the call at the end of the second round. Marble could then choose his own landing spot.