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Recruiting: Leroy Butts Decommits from Rutgers

Maybe Eddie Jordan should've seen the writing on the wall. A rising senior, Butts has already played for two different high schools and has selected a third for his senior season.

A big 2015 power forward, Butts selected Rutgers over Depaul, Miami, and Cincinnati back in November. He says that he is still considering Rutgers, and he may very well be, but decommitments rarely land back in the fold with the school they've chosen to decommit from. Hope isn't dead - James Blackmon Jr. did commit to Indiana again following his decommitment, but if I were a betting man I'd think Butts will end up playing elsewhere on the east coast.

Losing Butts is a big loss for Eddie Jordan, but not an insurmountable one. With scholarships to spare, Jordan had been working the recruiting trail anyway and he still has plenty of time until signing day. While I'm sure Eddie would've loved to have Leroy to coach and mold, Butts wasn't going to be the difference maker for Rutgers early on in his career.