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Mitch McGary's Health Progressing, But NBA Status Still Up In The Air

There have been mixed reports for weeks regarding Mitch McGary's health and draft status.  Well, the Detroit Free Press has released an update on Mitch McGary's draft status.  Here are the McGary related segments:

"When McGary met with the Free Press a month ago, he said he was improving but did not participate in the NBA combine. He also said he was still working into playing shape.

Just a few weeks ago one of his agency workouts was posted on an Internet site and he was shown moving well, attacking the basket and shooting from the outside.

But without an NBA workout, teams are unsure about his health. When healthy, he has a versatile enough skill set at 6-foot-10 to rebound be able rebound aggressively, pass the ball, dribble up court and finish at the basket, skills rare in a player that size.

The website reported late last week that some NBA executives felt McGary was being held out of workouts because a team had already made him a promise to pick him in the 20s.

Bartelstein [McGary's agent] said he would not comment on rumors but insisted McGary is moving forward."

McGary may be the most unusual and unpredictable prospects in this year's NBA Draft as he could go anywhere from the mid 1st Round to mid 2nd Round.  Until Draft night, expect the rumors to continue.