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Site Announcement - Like BTP On Facebook

Here are some general tips on getting the most out of BTP.

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We here are BTPowerhouse appreciate all of our readers.  Whether you're a casual or frequent reader, you keep the site going.  Having said that, it's important to update our readers and make sure everybody is getting the most out of the site.  For instance, you may be missing out on content about your favorite team, player, or event.  There are a few great ways to get information from BTP, but one of the best is to  'like' BTP on Facebook.

Facebook can get annoying, we get it.  Whether it's grandma making weird comments on your profile picture, that old classmate posting 5 selfies a day, or that guy who constantly wants to start arguments, it can get old.  Still though, Facebook has it's positives and one of the biggest is the ability to interact with sites through their fanpages.  BTP has a solid page on Facebook and we believe it's a great way to ensure that everyone is able to get our content effectively.

So, make sure to like us on Facebook at the link below:

BTP Facebook Page

And as always, we thank everyone for checking out the site.