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Recruiting Update: Cleveland State Transfer Bryn Forbes Commits to Michigan State

Tom Izzo must've been cribbing notes from Fred Hoiburg lately, because he has managed to bring in two big-time transfers to compete for playing time. Usually, a team that just brought in a big-time scoring guard with the skills to put up points on the perimeter isn't going to bring in another similar player at the same position in the same week. It's even more rare when both of those players are transfers, a decision players often reach due to concerns about playing time. This situation, however is a bit different. Forbes is a Lansing native. He also played high school basketball with rising Michigan State junior Denzel Valentine. And Bryn is transferring to live nearer to his ailing sister. The Spartans' location was no doubt a major factor in the decision Bryn reached to bring his talents to East Lansing. Well, back to East Lansing.

And Forbes does have considerable talent. As a sophomore for Cleveland State, he averaged 15.6ppg while shooting .424 percent behind the arc. With Harris in tow as well, Michigan State will have plenty of firepower to help spread the floor. Because Forbes is transferring to be nearer to a sick relative, he maybe eligible for a waiver to play for the Spartans during the 2014-15 season, which would be a big boost for Michigan State. Either way, Forbes will provide a lot of offensive firepower for the Spartans once he makes it to the floor.