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Aaron Craft participates in NBA predraft workouts

The four year starter at point guard for Ohio State has been working out for a couple of teams prior to the upcoming NBA Draft. He's been, uh, kind of impressive.

Craft is still working on perfecting Johnny Manziel's celebration.
Craft is still working on perfecting Johnny Manziel's celebration.
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

You guys remember Aaron Craft, don't you? Short, rosy cheeked, point guard, Buckeye. Ring any bells?

Alright, well, trust me: Craft played point guard for Ohio State for the last four, mostly uneventful, years. Craft is considered by most drafniks to be a fringe second round pick, and most likely an undrafted free agent type. In case you missed it, we had an excellent breakdown of Craft's college career and NBA prospects back in April. The gist of the report you probably already know, Craft is a wonderful defender and leader but a lackluster offensive threat and scorer.

In DraftExpress' most recent top-100 NBA prospect ranking, Craft clocked in at #74, which is not bad all things considered. In the last few weeks, Craft has worked out for the Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz, and Phoenix Suns. Here's a video with an interview with Craft and some of the Suns brass.

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Everyone seemed pretty impressed with Craft. SB Nation's own Suns blog has a pun-filled (ok, it was one pun) recap of his workout.

One of the more notable parts of Craft's workout tour was when he was in Salt Lake City since Utah's prized point guard is Trey Burke formerly of Michigan. The two PGs faced off five times over their respective careers, with Craft's Buckeyes coming out on top in three of them. Craft said he'd be excited to play on the same team as Burke and would look forward to playing against him in practice.

The Jazz has two first round picks (which won't be used on Craft, duh), but also hold a second rounder and they could use that to take a chance on Craft to shore up their porous defense from last season. However, if I'm thinking about this critically I don't really see Craft hearing his name called on draft night. He could catch on to a team as a free agent though, or even have a successful career overseas. Whatever the case may be, I'm just happy we'll never have to hear Dan Dakich talk about Craft again.