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Big Ten Players On The 2014 NBA Draft Combine List

The Draft Combine is also a big event. See which Big Ten players are making the trip this year.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft seems to grow bigger and bigger each year and with a great 2014 class lined up, the Big Ten looks to be prominently featured on draft night yet again.  However, the draft process is one that takes months to unravel and the Draft Combine is one of the most significant events in that process.

Last year, the Big Ten had many major prospects included in the Draft Combine including the two Michigan 1st Round Draft picks (Trey Burke & Tim Hardaway, Jr.).  Players don't always choose to participate, but there should still be a large number of Big Ten players participating this year.  Check out the list below.

Big Ten Players In The 2014 NBA Draft Combine (via DraftExpress):

  • Aaron Craft (Ohio State)
  • Gary Harris (Michigan State)
  • Roy Devyn Marble (Iowa)
  • Mitch McGary (Michigan)
  • Adreian Payne (Michigan State)
  • Glenn Robinson III (Michigan)
  • LaQuinton Ross (Ohio State)
  • Nik Stauskas (Michigan)
  • Noah Vonleh (Indiana)

That's certainly a pretty stacked list for the Draft Combine.  There are currently 9 Big Ten players included from 5 different schools.  That's something that is worth acknowledging.  Whether all these players will get drafted is still unknown, but getting invited to the largest pre-draft event out there is certainly a good first step.  For those wondering, here is how the invitees ranked by school.

Big Ten Draft Combine Invitees By School:

  • Michigan - 3
  • Michigan State - 2
  • Ohio State - 2
  • Indiana - 1
  • Iowa - 1

Obviously, having 3 players jump early to the NBA Draft did Michigan a favor on this list.  Still though, having several programs with multiple invitees is not something to overlook, especially since programs like Indiana that have recruited insanely only have 1 there and the Big Ten's only Final Four team this year (Wisconsin) has none on this list.  The conference is incredibly deep.