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BTP Needs Writers: Apply Now!

Come join the best Big Ten basketball site on the interwebs.

Joe Robbins

Once again, BTP is making a call to its loyal readers. The site here has been growing like crazy and is moving in an exciting direction. However, we still have more growing to do and once again, we are looking for qualified writers that can help produce content.

We are currently looking to add several writers to the staff.  We are specifically interested in people with previous blogging or writing experience (sports related or not).  If you don't have experience, you are still free to apply.  We are simply looking for people who have some basic writing skills, are passionate, and are willing to put in the necessary time and work.

We are willing to review writers interested in any Big Ten related topics, but we are specifically targeting applicants with a recruiting background. This is not a requirement, but just an area that could potentially get you preference in the application process.  If you are new to the recruiting world, but are a good writer and willing to do the ground work to get started, you are more than welcome to apply.

I can't promise fame or fortune for joining the site, but I can promise the ability to reach a national audience and the ability to write about a topic that is a passion for many. Basically, we can offer you the potential to get your name out there. Even now, we already have writers on our staff from the national SBNation site, 247Sports, and team based SBNation sites.

If you are interested in applying. There is just one easy step. Email: We do ask for a writing sample (preferably Big Ten related), but anyone is encouraged to simply email to get some more information.

And finally, we look forward to hearing from you all!