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Recruiting: BT Powerhouse catches up with Indiana Signee Tim Priller

BT Powerhouse caught up with Indiana Signee Tim Priller to get his thoughts on a variety of topics below.

Tim Priller made big news about a week ago with his commitment to Indiana University. The 6'9" stretch four was a very unknown player at that point and didn't even have a highlight tape on YouTube. That has since changed, as the following video was posted late last week by Priller.

Priller shows some very nice pick and pop moves in this video and that is exactly the type of player he is and will be at Indiana. He also won the three point shooting competition last week at the DFW All Star Game (in which his team also won). After the game, BT Powerhouse caught up with Priller to get a better feel for the type of player he sees himself becoming as well as his plans for getting to Indiana and what needs to be worked on this summer.

BT Powerhouse: Did your high school season meet your expectations this year?

Priller: I wouldn't say I met my high school expectations this year because I believe I could have done better even though I did score 17.8 PPG and had 4.7 rebounds and 2 blocks per game. I feel I could have gotten more rebounds this year.

BT Powerhouse: Who else was starting to get involved in your recruitment besides Indiana?

Priller: Albany, UIC, Drexel, and Lamar had all offered scholarships and coaches from Miami, Arkansas, and Texas Tech came and watched me practice.

BT Powerhouse: What drew you to Indiana?

Priller: Indiana is just a great school and that's why it drew me there.

BT Powerhouse: How would you describe your game?

Priller: I am a spacing forward who will be a major part of spot ups, drive and kicks, and ball screens. Defensive rebounder, post fronter, and willing to make the hustle plays. I also have a good basketball IQ and have a passion for the game.

BT Powerhouse: What do you think you need to work on most heading into Indiana and the Big Ten?

Priller: I need to get stronger and more aggressive at rebounding.

BT Powerhouse: What college player would you say your game resembles the most?

Priller: I compare myself the most to Creighton forward Doug McDermott.

BT Powerhouse: Do you feel like you will be ready for the extreme pressure that comes with being an Indiana basketball player and playing in front of 17,000+ fans every game?

Priller: Yes, I love the 17,000+ fans and will absolutely love playing in front of them.

BT Powerhouse: What are you planning on studying at Indiana?

Priller: I plan on majoring in Marketing or another Business field.

BT Powerhouse: When are you planning on arriving at Indiana?

Priller: I am planning on arriving in June at this time.

BT Powerhouse: What are your goals for the Summer?

Priller:  My goals are to get stronger and faster and work on getting more aggressive at rebounding.


Priller seems to be the kind of kid that Indiana fans will feed off of. It is no secret that Hoosier fans are among the most knowledgeable fans in the college game and they will cheer all the little things, such as getting on the floor for loose balls, more so than any other fan base. Priller seems to be that blue collar type of player and person that other programs will despise and get annoyed by - and Hoosier fans love that. Has Coach Crean found another diamond in the rough? We'll have to wait to find out.