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Former Big Ten Players In The 2nd Round Of The 2014 NBA Playoffs

On Sunday, the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs wrapped up. How is the Big Ten represented in the 2nd Round?


Before the 1st Round of the NBA Playoffs started, I did a post listing off all the former Big Ten players that would be featured in this year's NBA Playoffs.  Now, with what was one of the best years in 1st Round history over, it's time to look at how the Big Ten is featured in the 2nd Round.

Overall, there are a total of 6 players feature in the 2nd Round.  This is certainly a drop from the 14 players featured in the 1st Round of this year's Playoffs, but still, 6 players is a solid representation on 5 different teams.  The other thing worth noting is that with Memphis going down (4 former B1G players), the East has definitely taken the lead.  In fact, the entire 2nd Round of the Western Conference Playoffs has just 2 former Big Ten players.

Big Ten players in the 2nd Round of the 2014 NBA Playoffs:

Brooklyn Nets

  • Alan Anderson (Michigan State)
  • Deron Williams (Illinois)

Indiana Pacers

  • Evan Turner (Ohio State)

Los Angeles Clippers

  • Jamal Crawford (Michigan)

Miami Heat

  • Greg Oden (Ohio State)

Portland Trail Blazers

  • Meyers Leonard (Illinois)
Of course, the question that Big Ten fans always want to know is how their school is represented in the NBA.  Remember, in the 1st Round, the Buckeyes led all Big Ten teams with 4 former players.  Michigan State was second with 3 former players.  However, the list has certainly changed some this time around.

Big Ten NBA Playoff Participants By School:

  • Illinois - 2
  • Ohio State - 2
  • Michigan - 1
  • Michigan State - 1