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What matchups do you want to see in next year's ACC-B1G Challenge?

The announcement of who is playing whom is coming this afternoon. Who should Maryland play, and why is it Duke?

Our logo has more colors than your logo!
Our logo has more colors than your logo!
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There has been much consternation on Twitter this morning/early afternoon between BTP staffers about which teams should be matched up against one another in next year's ACC-B1G Challenge.

There is lingering resentment about Maryland playing an ACC newbie:

There is a potential barnburner, countered with mascot violence:

With a handful of new characters entering the fray for next year, including Maryland on the other side of the aisle, Rutgers in over their heads, and Louisville in what I assume is a one year thing before they switch conferences again; who do you think would make the best matchup for your team? Michigan/Louisville in a rematch of last year's championship game? Wisconsin/Syracuse in a rematch of two years ago's Sweet 16 classic? Maryland/Duke in a rematch of decade's of awesome games? Virginia/Nebraska in a "we surprised you last year, didn't we?" showdown? Pitt/Penn State in a Battle for Western & Central Pennsylvania? Rutgers/Louisville in a "good God, please no!" game?

Your turn in the comments. Whom do you want to play and why?