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BTP Bracket Challenge Update - WE HAVE A WINNER

BTP's bracket challenge officially has a winner.

Though the national championship still awaits, BTP's bracket challenge already has a winner.  Clearly, the madness of the last few weeks ruined some brackets, but it was a great run for everyone involved.  Remember, the winner gets to collect this awesome T-Shirt:


Yeah, it's pretty awesome.  If you are interesting in grabbing one of these T-Shirts, go check out the link here: BTP Store.  The shirts are pretty great and I encourage everyone to check them out.  Also, you can check out Gameday Depot (they make the T-Shirts) here.

But with no further wait, here is our leader board:


Doug had the lead last week and maintained it to the finish.  His Final Four selections were Florida, Louisville, Michigan State, and Wisconsin.  Although none of these made the title game, he benefited significantly from the fact that nobody else had the title game participants either.

Congratulations Doug!