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SITE UPDATE - Thanks For A Great Big Ten Hoops Season!

The Big Ten season is officially over, but we still have a few thoughts on how the season ended.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, the Big Ten season ended in dramatic fashion with Wisconsin going down late to Kentucky. Unfortunately, it was the 2nd weekend in a row where Kentucky took down a Big Ten team off a late 3. The Wildcats cost Michigan a Final Four bid last week and cost Wisconsin a shot at the national championship this weekend. In both scenarios, Kentucky played well and came out on top. Wisconsin was the last remaining Big Ten team in the postseason, which means that BTP is officially done with Big Ten basketball for the year.

This year has been quite a ride. When we took over BTP (Thomas Beindit & Bryan Steedman) earlier this year, the site was still taking shape and trying to figure out its role. For the most part, myself and Bryan were trying to figure out things as well. Since taking over in October, BTP has made some major strides. We have taken huge steps in adding great staff members, put out some excellent content, and have become much more consistent in our coverage. In fact, we actually had a total of 90(!!!) articles posted about this year's NCAA Tournament. We still will keep working hard to improve the site and bring the readers great coverage, but the amount of improvement this site has seen in the first year is remarkable.

Though our writers have worked very hard this year, the most encouraging sign has been all the great comments and contributions from the readers. Being able to see the reaction to some of our events this year has been awesome. We may not be the biggest site out there, but you guys have made this a great experience. For that, the entire staff at BTP offer our thanks on a great season.

For the future, there will be some shakeups, but the general flow and coverage will be pretty familiar. We are going to be improving our recruiting coverage all summer and will have some great stuff coming for the NBA Draft. There will be plenty of stuff going on here at BTP this summer, so stay tuned. Even if the games have ended, there's always news regarding the Big Ten.

As a final note, it seemed like a fun idea to have everybody share their favorite Big Ten experience of the season. What was your favorite experience?