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Tom Crean Comments On Indiana Assistant Kenny Johnson Heading To Louisville

Crean has finally responded to the Indiana assistant's departure.


The Indiana head coach has finally responded to the departure of Kenny Johnson.  Johnson was an assistant with the Hoosiers and was regarded by many as the program's "lead recruiter" over the past few years.  With Indiana's rough year, this was not exactly great news as recruiting has been a bright spot for the program.

Here is Tom Crean's statement:

"We appreciate all that Kenny Johnson added to the Indiana basketball program over the last two years and we value his friendship. We have loved having Kenny, Doreen, Amare, and Mekai as part of the Indiana family. I was always hopeful Kenny would not leave until he became a head coach, but I think this offer was too big to turn down. We have a lot of history together and he leaves with our support and appreciation for a job well done."

"We are attacking our off-season program, the players academic success and future recruiting with great energy and enthusiasm. That is our focus right now and that keeps us plenty busy."