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Big Ten All 2014 NBA Draft Team-Making the Best Professional Team Out Of This Year's Prospects

The B1G has provided a wealth of talent for NBA teams to choose from, now to make the best collection of five.

Noah Vonleh and Gary Harris lead the B1G draft class
Noah Vonleh and Gary Harris lead the B1G draft class
Duane Burleson

With the college season now well over and the deadline to declare only nine days away, basketball fans' attention is now focused solely on the NBA Draft (oh, and I guess the NBA playoffs are kind of intriguing too). I have chosen to tackle the task of naming a team of 2014 B1G NBA prospects. One way to do this would be to pick the five highest projected picks from our beloved conference and discuss their stock, or I could name the best B1G prospect by position and mention their potential impact. Instead, I thought it would be fun to try and figure out what combination of players would create the most successful NBA starting lineup.

I present to you the newest NBA team, the Rosemont(and NYC) Delanys

C Noah Vonleh - Vonleh is one of the most intriguing players in the draft. He isn't guaranteed All-Star, but he has the potential to be a team's cornerstone for a long time. He can play the 4, but I'm putting him at the 5 in a smaller, more athletic lineup.

PF Adreian Payne - Payne will be the leader of this squad of rookies. His outside game and tough defense make him a can't miss starter on this team. If you think there is a better option at the 4 on this're wrong, end of discussion, sorry.

SF Nik Stauskas - Stauskas is not an NBA 3. However, with few options outside of an athletic, but inconsistent GRIII, I think out of position Nik is the best choice. This could really hurt this team on defense. The hope is that his offense will make the difference.

SG Gary Harris - There is no leaving Harris out of this lineup. He has the best all-around game on the team, and he is only 19. I think multiple options on offense will help Harris' shooting and open him up to be even better than he was this season.

PG Keith Appling - Point guard will definitely be a weak spot for this team in the NBA. I think Appling gives this team slightly better chemistry than Craft would and I trust his offensive skills more too. Hopefully the off-season will give him some time to regain confidence and polish his game after the wrist injury.


Glenn Robinson III - Much like in real life, I think he needs some time to develop coming off the bench in the NBA.

Aaron Craft - With the uncertainty at the 1, this team will need the best backup possible.

Mitch McGary - McGary might end up being better than Vonleh long term, but without seeing him play since last year I can't start him.

Roy Devyn Marble - His versatility earns him a spot on the bench.