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2014 NBA Draft Breakdown: Mitch McGary - Could He Land In The 1st Round?

Battling injuries, Mitch McGary holds the future of Michigan's front court in his hands. Will the sophomore forward stick around for another year to improve his stock?

Andy Lyons

Mitch McGary: Draft Profile/NBA Breakdown

NBA Position: Power Forward (4)

College: Michigan

Class: Sophomore

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 255

Hometown: Chesterton, Indiana

High School: Brewster Academy (New Hampshire)

Strengths: Mitch McGary is a big, thick man. He has deceptive athleticism and has a decent mid-range game that should be easily developed. Rebounding is definitly McGary's strongest attribute at this point in his career. Before his back injury, he was averaging 6.3 rebounds per game in the 2012-2013 season. After his rehab and before he opted for back surgery, he averaged 8.3 rebounds per contest in the beginning of the season for the Michigan Wolverines.

Weaknesses: Two things have stood out as the biggest weaknesses in McGary's game in his tenure so far: Conditioning and obviously his his durability. While back injuries aren't something to take lightly and attempt to play through, it raises a lot of concerns for NBA general managers. Ultimately the injury problems will hurt McGary's stock the most; his conditioning will come in time. McGary's post game could use some work, too. He excels in the pick and roll, but tends to rush possesions in the rare occurrence that he does post up. Picking up frustration fouls stand out a little bit as well. The energy is great, but McGary needs to learn to stay under control so he can stay on the floor.

Overall: This sentiment is probably the minority, but coming back makes a lot of sense for McGary. You're draft stock is in disarray because of your injury and it's a loaded class anyway. You come back and rehab against lesser talent, get in shape and improve on offense. This allows you to possibly be a high lottery pick in next year's class. Now if something is being hidden from the public and his back injury is worse than it seems, then by all means go get your paycheck, Mitch.

NBA Comparison: We don't know exactly what Mitch will be capable of after recovery, so it's hard to say.