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Will Sheehey - Where he goes from here

Sheehey has had a decorated career at Indiana, but what does that mean for his future?


Pro Position: Small Forward (3)

College: Indiana

Class: Senior

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 200

Hometown: Stuart, FL

High School: Sagemont

Let there be no doubt that Indiana senior Will Sheehey will go down as one of the most memorable players to ever wear the Candy Stripes. While many fans originally questioned his recruitment as he was not ranked by any of the major recruiting services, it wouldn't take long for Sheehey to quell those fears. He started 7 games as a freshman and showed all kinds of potential. His sophomore year was even better and that is when Indiana was reintroduced to the nation as a powerhouse program with Cody Zeller, Christian Watford, and Jordan Hulls as the stars. Sheehey also would hit a game winning shot against VCU in the round of 32 that sent the Hoosiers on to Atlanta to participate in the Sweet 16. After being ousted in the Sweet 16 by Kentucky, Sheehey and Victor Oladipo worked tremendously hard in the offseason to get better and get better they did. As everyone knows, Oladipo would go from unknown to the #2 pick in the NBA draft after his junior year. Sheehey only started 1 game his junior year, but it wasn't due to a lack of improvement. Off the bench, he still averaged almost 10 points per game and was clearly the glue guy on what was the #1 ranked team for most of the season.

Coming into his senior season, all the other familiar faces had left for the NBA or for Europe to play in the pros and Sheehey was viewed as the sole "star" left in the Hoosier program. Unfortunately, his season didn't live up to what most expected and he really didn't start to play like expected until the final 3 weeks of the season. He did have a career high average in points and rebounds with 11.4 and 4.03 respectively, but his shooting percentages were well down and his turnovers almost doubled from his junior season. A lot of this has to do with the players around Sheehey which were clearly not of the same caliber as his first 3 seasons, but it still showed that he was more of a role player than a star player.

Tom Crean has long said that Will Sheehey is the smartest player he has ever coached which is saying a lot. Everyone expects Will to be coaching college basketball at some point down the road, but he should be able to put that on hold for a few years and play basketball overseas. Guys like Watford, Hulls, and Derek Elston are all playing overseas currently and Sheehey should be able to join them if he chooses to do so. He is very athletic and has a sweet mid-range jump shot. Where he gets into trouble is when he starts to rely on the three point shot which is not his strength. He only shot 34% from three for his career and that was cemented with a 33-100 performance in his senior year. Despite the turnover issues, he does handle the ball fairly well and rarely makes an unforced error when he has teammates around him that understand what they should be doing (which he did not have this year). His game may actually fit Europe better than the NBA as more fundamentally sound basketball is played across the pond which will be right up his alley.

As far as an outlook is concerned, Will has no chance of making a NBA roster - but I do think he will be playing overseas for at least the next decade before returning to work his way up the college basketball coaching ranks where I believe he will also be tremendously successful.