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BTP Bracket Update 3/31 - WE HAVE A FINAL FOUR!

We have a Final Four!  With the 2nd weekend of NCAA Tournament play wrapping up, we have a Final Four with Florida, Kentucky, UConn, and Wisconsin.  This is also big news for our bracket contest as the final segment is going to take place this weekend.  Remember, 1st place wins this epic T-Shirt linked below:


Yeah, it's pretty awesome.  If you are interesting in grabbing one of these T-Shirts, go check out the link here: BTP Store.  The shirts are pretty great and I encourage everyone to check them out.  Also, you can check out Gameday Depot (they make the T-Shirts) here.

But with no further wait, here is our leader board:


So Doug has the lead right now, but don't court out Drew and LauraF who both have a lot of potential points sitting on the board.  If Florida and Wisconsin do well, there could still be a big shakeup at the top.

Keep checking the site for more bracket updates!