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Final Big Ten Tournament Projections: Iowa Loses Out On #4 Seed

We take a look at the Big Ten Tournament bracket and some potential matchups that might occur.

Iowa's loss to Illinois cost them a shot at the #4 seed.
Iowa's loss to Illinois cost them a shot at the #4 seed.
Matthew Holst

As we get to the last days of the Big Ten regular season, we will be posting our Big Ten Tournament projections a little more frequently. Not as much may change, but with 5(!!!) ties in the conference standings, it's pretty easy to say that the race is tight. A single win over the weekend could move teams up pretty significantly. With that, let's look at today's Big Ten Bracket:;

2014 Big Ten Tournament Bracket (3/9):



The top 3 positions maintained as neither team has played since Friday. Wisconsin faces Nebraska today and MSU faces OSU today. Here are your scenarios for the #2 seed:

- Wisconsin Clinches With:

  • Win over Nebraska
  • MSU loss
- MSU Clinches With:
  • Win over OSU and Wisconsin loss

Further down, the #4 seed remains open. The big weekend development was Iowa going down at home against Illinois. This locked Iowa out of receiving the #4 seed. The Hawkeyes owned virtually every tiebreaker, so that's actually a pretty big development. Now, there are two teams left and here are the scenarios for the #4 seed:

- Nebraska Clinches With:
  • Win over Wisconsin
  • OSU loss
- Ohio State Clinches With:
  • Win over MSU and Nebraska loss
The #2 and #4 seeds are the biggest things left to be determined in the Big Ten Tournament seeding, but there are still a few interesting races for seeding down the line. Iowa and OSU both have the potential to lock up the #5 seed. Along with this, the #7, #8, #9, and #10 seeds are all open depending on whether Minnesota or Penn State wins today. If Minnesota wins, they get the #7, otherwise it will go to Illinois. However, Indiana is a lock for the #8/#9 game. The only question is whether they will face Illinois or Minnesota. Penn State is locked in as the #10 seed. Finally, today's Northwestern-Purdue game will determine the #11 and #12 seeds.