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Updated 2014 Big Ten Tournament Projections - Cornhuskers Take Control of The #4 Seed

We take a look at the Big Ten Tournament bracket and some potential matchups that might occur.

Beating IU was huge for Nebraska's BTT hopes.
Beating IU was huge for Nebraska's BTT hopes.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As we get to the last days of the Big Ten regular season, we will be posting our Big Ten Tournament projections a little more frequently. Not as much may change, but with 5(!!!) ties in the conference standings, it's pretty easy to say that the race is tight. A single win over the weekend could move teams up pretty significantly. With that, let's look at today's Big Ten Bracket:;

2014 Big Ten Tournament Bracket (3/7):



The top 3 positions maintained as neither team has played since Friday.  Wisconsin faces Nebraska today and MSU faces OSU today.  Here are your scenarios for the #2 seed:

- Wisconsin Clinches With:

  • Win over Nebraska
  • MSU loss
- MSU Clinches With:
  • Win over OSU and Wisconsin loss

Further down, the #4 seed remains open.  The big weekend development was Iowa going down at home against Illinois.  This locked Iowa out of receiving the #4 seed.  The Hawkeyes owned virtually every tiebreaker, so that's actually a pretty big development.  Now, there are two teams left and here are the scenarios for the #4 seed:

- Nebraska Clinches With:
  • Win over Wisconsin
  • OSU loss
- Ohio State Clinches With:
  • Win over MSU and Nebraska loss
The #2 and #4 seeds are the biggest things left to be determined in the Big Ten Tournament seeding, but there are still a few interesting races for seeding down the line.  Iowa and OSU both have the potential to lock up the #5 seed.  Along with this, the #8, #9, and #10 seeds are all open depending on if Penn State wins due to tiebreakers.  However, the #8 and #9 game is a lock.  It's basically about who will be the "higher" seeded team.  At the bottom, the Purdue and Northwestern game will decide who are #11 and #12.