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Wisconsin vs. Baylor: 12 Hours Late Halftime Update

I was supposed to write the halftime update for this game. My internet went out AND ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE!

"I wish we got to meet Jay Cutler after the game!"
"I wish we got to meet Jay Cutler after the game!"
Harry How

So last night I was being all responsible and taking notes during the first half of the Wisconsin vs. Baylor game so I could write a succinct and informative halftime update. Here is one of them: "Frank=soft inside on D." That was written after Baylor went up 2-0. I'm nothing if not a reactionary hack. I also had a bunch of stars surrounding the words "WI assists." And lastly, in an effort to make up for the opening seconds Kaminsky bashing, I wrote a "times two" notation next to "Frank great inside on O."

If these seem like the ramblings of a mad man, it is because they are. This year's Wisconsin basketball team has caused me to lose my mind. This is the most talented Badgers team that Bo Ryan has had, and given the putrid history of Wisconsin basketball, it might be the most talented Badgers team that the University of Wisconsin has ever had. Despite growing up in the Philadelphia suburbs, I have been a Badger fan my entire life thanks to my Wisconsin born and graduated father. I remember the team going to the Final Four in 2000, I remember Ron Dayne and winning the Rose Bowl(s), hell, I even remember when the Badgers played Duke in the Hall of Fame Bowl because my dad won a bet with his boss (a Duke grad) and got to wear a sweatshirt to work that Monday. What I'm trying to say is, I know a bit about Wisconsin sports and this year's basketball team is special.

If we go back to my previous statement about being a hack, you'll realize that a post about a team being "special" is "hack-y," but I don't care. Wisconsin basketball has been a treat to watch this year and I can't wait to do it again on Saturday. From Nigel Hayes' mid-range jump shot, to Frank Kaminksy's post moves, to Ben Brust's bombs from beyond the arc, to Most Important Player In The Tournament: Wisconsin Edition Traevon Jackson; I've loved every minute of it. Last night's dismantling of Baylor put Wisconsin on the national radar for real. They are a force to be reckoned with this year and they demand that you take note.

I don't know what's going to happen against Arizona on Saturday, but I do know this. I'm not in charge of posting the halftime update here, so you'll definitely be able to read it in a timely fashion.