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BTP Staff Bracket Challenge: First Weekend Update

Heading into the Sweet 16, let's take a look at who is looking sweet to, that's not a saying. Let's take a look at who is doing the best amongst the BTP staff after the first weekend!

I can't believe the Secret Service let Coach K get that close to President Obama.
I can't believe the Secret Service let Coach K get that close to President Obama.

I just finished watching True Detective last night, so anyone that would like to discuss the show with me may do so in the comments. Also, thank you for not spoiling it *tips cap at Emmer*. Despite how awesome and riveting that show is, it was nothing compared to the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament *receives multiple awards for transitioning skills*. I mean, Mercer, Dayton, KENTUCKY!?!?! Some small programs are finally getting their due on the national stage. With all of these upsets though, come busted brackets. The sexy and smart staff here at BT Powerhouse were not immune to the spate of bracket busting this weekend; however, some of us fared better than others. Let's take a look at some of the particularly egregious picks and then make fun of that person on Twitter.

Chris Kay is in the lead (34 correct picks, 44 points) and has the most possible points (168) remaining and is also probably a huge jerk with no friends. He has only lost one Elite Eight team (Kansas) and has a Final Four of Florida, Iowa State, Arizona, and Louisville.

Josh Stern, Andrew Holmes, and Kevin Dlugos are tied for second with 43 points, and Andrew has 167 possible points remaining, posing the greatest threat to Chris. Andrew has also only lost one Elite Eight team (thanks for nothing, Kansas) and has a Final Four of Michigan, Michigan State, Florida, and Arizona. Way to represent the B1G, unlike that traitor Chris.

Rounding out the top half of the standings are two musclebound lady pleasers, myself and Andrew Emmer with 42 points. I thought VCU was going to the Sweet 16 and Baylor was going to lose in the first round, so I'd never listen to me again about anything (although my possible points are at 166), and Andrew has lost 45 (or three) Elite Eight teams, so he's pretty much out too.

Clayton Tinkle is right behind that, sitting at 41 points, but has lost a Final Four team (Duke) and will need his other bold Final Four pick (Baylor) to pan out to have a chance of getting back into the mix.

Now we get to some of the good stuff. If I were to give you a guess on how many Final Four teams our fearless leader, Thomas Beindit, has left, and you said two, you'd be way wrong. It's only one. That's what you get for picking Kansas, UNC, and Duke to make the Final Four.

Jason Dorow and Chad Markulics are bringing up the rear, but expect them to pass Mr. Beindit sooner rather than later.

The winner of this bracket challenge gets to pick who stars in True Detective Season 2, so stay tuned to see who wins and, when it's me, you can tune into HBO next year for Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock solving crimes.