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CBI at the Half: Siena leads Penn State 25-21

Penn State jumped out to an early lead, but faded later in the half.

Brett Bisping has dunk in a rebound at the first half buzzer to give Siena a 25-21 halftime lead over Penn State. With seven rebounds and a pair of blocks to go along with his eight points, Bisping has been the best player on the floor thus far.

The Lions have done a great job on offense to move the ball around and avoid Siena's pressure, but they've come up short when it comes to putting the ball in the hoops. Penn State has just two turnovers, but the team is shooting just 29 percent from the floor and is 3-for-8 from the free throw line.

The Saints fell behind 17-9 early thanks to a flurry of turnovers, but the Lions weren't able to build a big enough lead to hold off Siena once the shots started falling.

One bright spot for Penn State has been the play of Graham Woodward. He leads the Lions with five points and is handling the ball with poise in the backcourt.