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First Weekend BTP Bracket Contest Update

The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament was wild and so was our bracket contest.

Michigan was one of the Big Ten's biggest weekend winners.
Michigan was one of the Big Ten's biggest weekend winners.

March Madness is fully underway and we have our Sweet Sixteen teams, including 3 Big Ten teams.  We launched our bracket contest last week and we have our first update about who leads.  First, a quick reminder.  Though the billion dollars is out the window (THANKS A LOT DAYTON/MERCER), the T-Shirt for 1st place is still available.  Here is the shirt shown below:


Yeah, it's pretty awesome.  If you are interesting in grabbing one of these T-Shirts, go check out the link here: BTP Store.  The shirts are pretty great and I encourage everyone to check them out.  Also, you can check out Gameday Depot (they make the T-Shirts) here.

But with no further wait, here is our leader board:


So "Todd M" leads the poll right now and most possible points remaining.  Things look pretty good for him, but can he hold the lead?  It will be interesting.  He has Michigan State winning it all, so his success will be linked to the Spartans.  Also worth noting, yours truly took a massive hit yesterday and dropped to 13th.  Personally, I blame Kansas and the terribleness of the Big 12, but still, my bracket is basically dead.  That's what I get for picking against Michigan.

Keep checking the site for more bracket updates!