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Halftime Update: Oregon 49, Wisconsin 37

Despite being in Milwaukee, the Badgers are facing an uphill battle against the positively potent Oregon Ducks.

It was trendy to pick the 7-seed Oregon Ducks to upset the 2-seed Wisconsin Badgers. Through 20 minutes of action, that trend is certainly holding up.

Thanks in part to a stellar performance both at the free throw line and from the perimeter, the Oregon Ducks have built a 12-point halftime lead over the Wisconsin Badgers. The Ducks currently lead the Badgers 49-37 heading into halftime.

It's all Oregon right now thanks to efficiency. The Fighting Ducks have a slash line of 50/50/90 after one half of play, having connected on 14 of 15 free throw attempts and drilling five of nine attempts from the three-point line. In all, Oregon has cruised to a field goal percentage of 55.6 percent.

Leading the way for the Ducks are guards Jason Calliste and Joseph Young. The two have combined for 31 points and have combined for a field goal percentage of 66.7 percent on 12 attempts.

The Badgers struggles' can be found at the three-point line, where they are shooting just 33.3 percent. When a team like Oregon is shooting so effectively from downtown, the ability, or lack thereof in this case, of not being able to answer can grow to be a crushing blow for an opposing team.

And so far, that's exactly what the case has been.

Enjoy the second half, everyone!