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NCAA Tournament 2014: Nebraska falls as lone game on Friday goes awry for Big Ten

The Huskers could not get the job done in San Antonio. As a result, the Big Ten faltered on Friday.

On the first Thursday of the NCAA Tournament, the Big Ten Conference saw the Wisconsin Badgers, Michigan St. Spartans and Michigan Wolverines advance while the Ohio St. Buckeyes were sent packing by the in-state Dayton Flyers. On Friday, the feeling amongst the Big Ten was somewhat hollow.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Big Ten's lone representative in the Friday slate, fell to their former Big XII rivals in the Baylor Bears in San Antonio, Texas by the score of 74-60.

It was truly a disastrous performance for the Huskers, as the final score may not be indicative of the performance that Tim Miles' club had at the AT&T Center. Amidst a controversial shot clock malfunction, Nebraska's shots simply could not fall for most of the first half, and for a while were held to under double digits.

For the 11-seeded Huskers, this certainly was a huge blemish n an otherwise inspiring season. They made the NCAA Tournament for the first time in years, but failed to pick up their first NCAA Tournament victory in program history.

For the Big Ten's sake, hopefully Saturday goes much better than Friday.