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NCAA Tournament 2014: Nebraska Sleepwalking Through First Half

The Cornhuskers won't advance to the round of 32 if their offense doesn't get it going.

Nebraska  surprisingly used a late season run to inexplicably get to the NCAA Tournament, drawing an 11 seed and facing their former Big 12 foe the Baylor Bears. One of the biggest questions coming in was how well (or poorly) Nebraska would play when you realize how poorly they've fared outside of Lincoln.

Well so far it's gone more or less how most people expected it too, with Nebraska struggling intensively on offense and simply looking over matched by the more athletic Bears. The Cornhuskers have never won a game in the  tournament and if they can't get any consistency on offense their losing streak is likely to continue.

Leading the way for Nebraska in the first half was Shavon Shields, scoring 7 points on 3 of 6 shooting. It was a rough half for leading scoring Terran Petteway, hitting only 1 of his 8 shots. In the first half Nebraska missed all 11 three pointers, shot 23% from the field and tied a season low with 16 points. Nebraska couldn't even convert from the free throw line, shooting a shameful 4 of 9.

Nebraska entered the break trailing 16-29 and if they don't turn it around quickly in the second half then this game is going to get ugly.