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BTP Staff Bracket Challenge - Who Will Win?

Some of the sexy geniuses here at Big Ten Powerhouse have made their bracket picks. Find out who the sexiest genius is by following along all March.

Welcome to it, bitch.
Welcome to it, bitch.

Nine brave men (and I use both terms loosely) have chosen to enter the BTP Staff Bracket Challenge here in 2014 and come April 6th, only one will be left standing. We here at BTP pride ourselves on knowing the most about the Big Ten Conference on the Internet, nay in the world, but I know for a fact that Andrew Emmer thinks the Pac-12 is one of those things that funnels money to politicians and that Jason Dorow thinks the SEC only plays football, so we set up this Bracket Challenge to test our nationwide knowledge of college basketball. The winner will be showered with praise and the losers will be taunted and booed until our throats are sore.

Your contestants are as follows:

Chris Kay: a fantasy expert, but will his knowledge of the Royals farm system help him here? Time will tell. Spoiler alert: it won't.

Kevin Dlugos: like me, Kevin is a Badger, but originally from the Philadelphia suburbs. This is unfortunate for him, because I know me, and I'm an idiot.

Andrew Emmer: a Maryland grad...they aren't even in the B1G yet, what could he possibly know?

Clayton Tinkle: a sports powerhouse on Twitter, but lives in Florida, so he may be in jail for using an alligator as a weapon to rob a 7-Eleven now and won't be able to fill out his bracket.

Chad Markulics: if you need advice on your CBI bracket, Chad is your man. This bracket...unless a Crispin brother is playing, I wouldn't trust a Penn State grad for NCAA Tournament advice.

Jason Dorow: a current student at Northwestern has to have some sort of nerd equation figured out to win this bracket, right? If he can leave the library long enough to fill out a bracket, he could have a chance.

Thomas Beindit: one of our fearless leaders here at the site, but is a Lions fan, and a Lions fan has never won anything, except maybe for a stay of execution.

Andrew Holmes: if you're thinking a Purdue fan is going to pick the proper team to back in this Tournament, you must not have seen any Purdue games this year.

Drew Hamm: I have it on good authority that it took Drew almost a decade to graduate college, and he does not have a doctorate. The best word to describe my chances is "nope."

There you have it folks, the nine combatants fighting for the BTP Powerhouse Bracket Challenge crown. Nine men enter and all nine will leave. This isn't actually Thunderdome.