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Big Ten Tuesday Roundup - NCAA & NIT Kick-Off

Only two more days until the madness really begins...

Andy Lyons

Tuesday saw the first Big Ten team play a postseason tournament game, as Minnesota beat High Point  88-81.

Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin are getting some love from the national analysts. In this compilation of 27 experts' Final Four picks, Michigan was selected three times (I suppose that's not so great for a two seed), Wisconsin was selected seven times and Michigan State was selected 22 times.

Anyone who has been watching ESPN knows that Michigan State is a common "sleeper" pick, as all five of ESPN's analysts picked Michigan State to win the National Championship. Pretty unbelievable that this happens to a fourth seeded team.

Three more Big Ten teams back into action tomorrow. Iowa plays Tennessee for the rights to the 11 seed in the Midwest region of the NCAA Tournament, Illinois plays in their opening round game in the NIT against Boston University and Penn State plays against Hampton in the CBI.

As most of the Big Ten community knows by now, Iowa coach Fran McCaffery's son, Patrick, was recently diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. On Wednesday, Coach McCaffery will join his 13 year old son in Iowa City as he has surgery to remove the tumor. McCaffery will then fly back to Dayton on Wednesday afternoon for Iowa's 9:10 p.m. game.